Monday, March 31, 2008

Kevon's Birthday and Easter

Kevon's birthday happened to be on Easter this year. I felt a little bad for him because I think he got a little over looked by the holiday. Here are some pics...

Mason and Maya were very excited to give Daddy 2 Spiderman shirts. Mommy gave him X-box live (which I'm starting to think was a mistake). Maya helping Daddy blow out his birthday candles.

And here are the Easter pics...

The kids had tons of fun hunting for the Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny hid around the house.I think the Easter Bunny was way too nice this year. The kids got tons of candy and some toys.

Mason and Maya in their Easter Sunday clothes. (I don't know why Mason can't give me a normal smile in any of his pictures.)

Maya's dress was so cute, I had to through this picture in.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maya's First Hair Cut

Maya had her first hair cut last week. Here are the before pictures...

And here are the after pictures...
I didn't realize how bad her hair was until I looked back at the before pictures. It is so cute now that it is finally cut. As you can probably see from the pictures she has a little A-line bob. It is so fun to to do her hair every day with the blow-dryer, round brush and flat iron. She's finally getting used to the blow-dryer as is quite cooperative when she knows she'll get a piece of gum if she lets me do it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes... I just had another b-day (March 12). I hit the big 31, so now I'm officially "thirty-something." It turned out to be a really fun day. It started out pretty normal, but the kids at school were really cute with me. They wanted to know everything that I was going to do for my birthday and what I got (of course I hadn't gotten my presents yet). Kevon took me to the movie, he convinced me to see 10,000 BC which I wasn't very excited about, but I ended up loving it. Kevon was a little disappointed, I think he went expecting something great and I went not expecting anything, so of course I ended up loving it and he didn't. After the movie we went home and opened my presents from the kids. They got me (with Kevon's help of course) an ipod, which I'm so excited about. Kevon gave me his present early, a new digital camera for the Rock Band party. After opening presents we dropped the kids off at Grandma's and Kevon and I went out to dinner at Bajio, yummmmm. Then when we went home and Kevon took care of the kids so I could go to bed early, I know that sounds pathetic but it was something I really wanted. So... it was a good day. Of course nothing will ever top my 30th when Mom, Marcee, and Abbie drove from St. George to kidnap me at take me to Salt Lake City for the weekend. But Kevon did a good job this year with great presents and the awesome Rock Band party, it was a close second to last year. =)
P.S. Happy Pi Day (3/14)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Battle of the Rock Bands

Kevon invited some friends over for a "Battle of the Rock Bands" birthday party. Everyone was suppose to come dressed like a rock star. We had a blast playing rock band all night. Here a few pics of the fun night...

Me and Kevon ready to rock out.

The all-girl band: Natasha, Heather D, Sunny and Audry...
Heather N. on drums, Darin looking very sexy on vocals, and Garrett who was originally bearing his sexy chest under that jacket (he got a little shy when brought the cameras out).

Sunny looking very rock star with her cute little belly, Kevon looking HOT on vocals, and Casey rockin' it on the guitar.

The Grunting Monkeys: Megan, Nate, and Mike

Barrett showing off his madd skills on the bass, Boogie playing some mean drums, Heather was the star of the night on vocals, and Natasha rockin' the guitar.

I had to throw this picture in 'cause my rocker is so HOT! And he has madd skills on the guitar.

And last but not least, my little rock star killin' it on the guitar. You ladies better watch out for this rocker.

Me and Kevon after a long night rockin' out. We had so much fun, we need to dress up like rock stars and rock on the weekends more often =)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Need a Tutor?

My friend Debbie Cluff started and on-line tutoring company called Links for Learning. Last month I started tutoring for her and now I realize how great on-line tutoring is. I've been tutoring a girl who lives 30 minutes away from me, but it's not a problem because we do it all on-line, neither of us ever leave our homes for our tutoring sessions. I've never even met my student (which is kind-of weird) but I feel like I totally know her. Links for Learning is for anyone kindergarten through 12th grade, all subjects. If you need a tutor or know of anyone who does, I highly recommend Links for Learning. You can check out the website by clicking on the Links for Learning link on "Our Favorite Blogs." Let me know what you think.

Monday, March 3, 2008


We have removed all LAST NAMES from our blog and are asking that anyone who links to us from their blog do the same. We had a some random guy leave a comment about how cute our kids are, it freaked us out a little bit. We just want to keep our family safe. Thank you!