Monday, July 19, 2010

A Few Things...

First... My mom and I spent an entire Sunday moving Maya into Mason's room. It turned out so cute! Here are some pics of the finished project.

Second... Some updated pictures of Kade, since he's now 5 months old and the last pictures I posted were less than a week after he was born. We love this little guy, he is such a good baby and at such a cute age, smiling and giggling at everything.

Third... Here's my proof that Koli really was at my house. For those of you that haven't heard the story or don't know Koli, he was a contestant on The Biggest Loser this past season. He is a good friend of Kevon's brother and came to our house while he was here visiting in Utah. This picture was taken the first part of March while the show was still running and I had to promise that I wouldn't put it on the internet until after the finale. For those of you that watched the show, he was here during his 30 days at home before the final weigh in when he and Daris fell below the yellow line and had to fight for the third position in the finale. (Try to keep in mind that Kade was less than 2 weeks old when this was taken, needless to say I'm not looking my best)