Sunday, June 1, 2008

Major Update!

I have been so lazy about blogging lately, but there are a lot of things that have been going on that I want to share, so here it is. Almost a months worth of blogging in one day. Have fun!

School's Out

Well, one more school year has come and gone. This year was my first year teaching at a high school, it was so much fun, I absolutely loved it. The kids were so much fun, and so much easier to deal with than Jr. High kids. Here are some pictures of my classes this year, I only teach part-time so I only have 3 classes, pretty easy huh?

This calss has by far been my favorite class of all-time. We had so much fun together, they were the funnest group of kids I have every worked with. They would sit so quietly and listen to the lesson and take notes. But when the lesson was over we would talk and tell stories and jokes. We would argue about American Idol and talk about other favoriet TV shows, they were so much fun, I'm really going to miss them.

It was raining outside the day I took this picture so they didn't get to go outside like the other classes =(

Yeah! David Cook - American Idol 2008

Yeah!!!! David Cook won! I guess I'm one of the 10 people in Utah who is excited about David Cook winning. Along with my mom, and a couple of kids at school, and I'm sure there are a few more. I couldn't be happier. I liked Archuleta, but I loved Cook! And I was getting a little sick of Archuleta's perdictable performances and his suprised face every time the judges praised him. He was a nice enough kid, and he represented Utah well, but I was always a Cook fan =)

Bye Bye Apple Tree

Kevon cut down our apple tree, I'm ticked! He waited until I was out of the house, then he had a friend come over and the cut all the branches off (the first phase of getting rid of the entire thing). I was pretty upset at first but I'm getting used it now, at least I got this cute picture of my boys in what's left of the tree.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

My Mom turned 60 on May 27th. She is such an amazing woman and mother, I couldn't ask for a better mom. Happy birthday Mom. I love you! Hope you had a fun birthday.

Here are a few highlights...
Melynda and I drove to St. George Thurday afternoon just in time to meet Marcee, Abbie, and Dad, and then get to Mom's work in time to kidnap her. She was so suprised to see us run in with our "My Mom is 60" t-shirts and pink bandana's over our faces.
After we had successfully kidnapped her we headed off to Vegas. We had the most amazing hotel room, we stayed at the Venetian, it was awesome! We had two queen beds, a huge bathroom, and a living room with a sectional couch. It was a huge room and so fun to stay in.

As soon as we got to the room we had a little party with yummy cake from Dippidee and presents. My dad gave Mom a ticket to Phantom of the Opera, she was so excited, we hadn't told her we were going because we wanted it to be a suprise when she opened Dad's gift. It was so fun to see her so excited.

We did so many fun things. Friday was spent shopping and then going to Phantom that night, after Phantom we ate at Wolfgang Puck's resteraunt, yummmm. Saturday was spent it Summerlin. We did a little shopping, saw the Ashton Kutcher movie "What Happens in Vegas" (we thought it was pretty fitting for the occasion), played Bingo, and ended the night with dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Sunday we just got up and headed home, but we did hit some outlets on the way out of town for lunch and a little shopping. Here a few more pics of the fun weekend...

Having a little too much fun playing Bingo

Marcee waiting at Cheesecake Factory after a long day in Summerlin.

Happy Birtday Mom! We love you...

Crazy Hair Day

Mason is finished with pre-school now but here are pictures from crazy hair day. Miss Ann had fun activities for every day of the last two weeks of school, this was Mason's favorite. He loved his hair-do because he thought he looked like his GI Joe Crazy Ninja, that's who is posing in the picture with him...

And of course Maya had to get in on the action with him.