Sunday, January 16, 2011

THANK YOU... Jessica Seinfeld

My kids ate carrots and sweet potatoes tonight, and the funny part... They didn't even know it.

Thanks to this woman...

And her awesome book, Deceptively Delicious (which Santa gave me for Christmas).

Tonight I made Meatball Soup (Mason's pick)

My kids gobbled it up, loved the meatballs, never complained, well Maya complained a little, but she ate her whole bowl. And Kevon liked it too, he's possibly the pickiest of them all, not kidding.

Another bonus... Kade loves the puree's. He ate fresh carrots and sweet potatoes tonight. Not that disgusting store bought baby food, the real stuff, he LOVED it!

And another bonus... It's all healthy. It's not just the veggies you're sneaking in the food, all the ingredients are healthy. Everything in the soup is approved on my diet (Body For Life) which I'm officially starting tomorrow. Although I might as well have started tonight, everything I ate for dinner is Body For Life approved :)

I love Jessica Seinfeld, her book, and her hilarious husband.

Can't wait to make Cheeseburgers next (Maya's pick).