Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween Decor

Wow! 2 posts in 1 week, can you believe it? This one's for my mom, I wanted to show her the Halloween wreath I threw together today.
And while I'm at it, here's the top of my TV hutch.
Halloween is probably my favorite holiday to decorate for. I love Christmas decorations, the trees, the lights, the Santa's, but I get the most excited for Halloween decorations. I love the Halloween colors, and all the new sparkly stuff they're selling these days (like the balls on my wreath) and fall is here and it's the beginning of the holiday season. Mmmm, just love Halloween!


Chalan said...

Looks super cute! I need to get my stuff out- I'm impressed!:)

Bonnie said...

Your Halloween Decor looks great. And I loved seeing a cute picture of your mom on your blog. Your mom and I talk about our cute grandkids all the time.
I seriously love your mom! She makes work so much more fun. We just both think our Daughters are the Coolest! And we are so glad you are keeping in touch with each other.
We will have to get together soon.
Oh, BTW, I am Bonnie, Erin Rollin's/VanAusdal's Mom. I love that we have our cute daughters blogs that we can read while we are supposed to be working! Ha!!